Samhain’s Coming in With Mercury Retrograde On Its Heels

Monday Musings

So, we are coming close to Samhain, we are nearing a new moon, we are moving into a Mercury retrograde period, and all of this will be in the sign of Scorpio. In other words: we’re headed for a very

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Magick: The Faerie Moon

the Faerie Moon

Tomorrow will be the full moon. While there are a number of naming systems for the different moons, I always preferred calling the June full moon the Faerie Moon. We’re close to the summer solstice, only a few days away,

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Espresso Flail, Writing, Movies & Chitchat

Well, I had a bit of a scare this morning. As you know Fred, my espresso machine, is near and dear to my heart in a way very few other objects are. And the grinder that goes along with Fred

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