Cast of Roar

Cast of Roar

Well, I finally managed to draw all four of them standing side by side. Yay.

Meet Narva MacRibbitSan

Narva MacRibbitSan Evolution takes a lot of drugs

She is a minor character in Roar. She works at the Mixed Species Support Group. Yes she is mixed species (OBVIOUSLY!) She is part Frog (green hair, last name), Human (five fingers), Giraffe (long neck), Tiger (tiger stripes), Rabbit (rabbit

Michael Roar

Michael Roar Oatmeal for Brains

This is my first attempt at drawing Michael Roar. I didn’t do any shading, and the proportions are wildly off. Also, the mane isn’t poofy enough. Eh, I actually did it. There will be many more drawings of him. Yes,

Roar Icon

Roar Piccture

Yeah, I made this. I’m not much of an artist, but it works for me. This is one of the few items I freehanded, rather than using Vector Graphics. This is supposed to be from Michael Roar, drawing a self-portrait.