Richard and Tina meet for their monthly meeting

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Apparently Richard’s job isn’t that great, as he consoles with Tina Growly, who also doesn’t that that great of a job. Eh, it pays the bills. I’m sure EVERYONE can relate. I created a new setting, StarFox coffee shop. I

Steven reassures Michael at StarFox

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Don’t worry folks, Steven is a good friend to these furs. Tune in next time to find out what he has planned. Let me know what you think.

Scheduled to Dance

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Yes, the characters will dance at La Furry Royal. Eh, why not. And yes, Steven likes Robert. Let me know what you think.

Stage Names

A discussion of stage names ensues. And NO, I do NOT lack creativity on names, Steven! Geesh!

Richard’s Stage Name

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I wonder what stage name Richard doesn’t like? Let’s see, Robert’s stage name is Big Bob, with Bob being short for Robert. Therefore, Richard’s stage name might be Big (Fill-in-name-short-for-Richard). Let me know what you think.

It’s that time of the month

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Yep, Tina and Richard talk about life. And Richard’s date wasn’t that bad! Got it Richard? Golly Gee! Let me know what you think.