My first comic

Roar 00000 00000 00000a

Well people, welcome to my comic. This is pretty amazing, considering I can’t draw at all. I used Clip Studio Paint for drawing, Vector Graphics to make straight lines (I can’t draw a straight line due to my neurological condition),

Finally, we meet Michael Roar… and others.

Roar 00000 00000 00010a

Greetings all, meet Michael Roar. Let’s just say he’s not the brightest light-bulb at the lamp store. And, we meet a few of his associates. Sorry it took so long to make. I had to do some work for my

And now we know why the comic is called Roar.

Roar 00000 00000 00011

Well, Michael shows his shtick. In case you didn’t get it, the last names of the characters relate to the sounds the animal makes. I have a few characters who don’t fit that mold, but… eh, whatever. It’s my comic.

And we’re done introducing the comic!

Roar 00000 00000 00012a

Well, I finally finished introducing the comic, next is to… introduce the individual characters. The story will start soon, I promise. I still can’t really draw an anthro-sheep woman, if someone could help me, I’d appreciate it. Well, Michael’s comment