Introducing Michael Roar

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And now I… introduce the individual characters as they appear in the stories. Bear with me, I will start the story of the comic soon. Very very soon. I came up with the concept of Michael Roar a few years

Introducing Becky Baah

And now we are introduced to Becky Baah! Unfortunately, the outcome doesn’t look. Not to worry, please read the next comic for an explanation. On a side note, in case you didn’t get the reference to “Baa Ram Ewe”, you

Explaining the last comic

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Please don’t worry, Becky is fine, and the full explanation will come later on how she survived. And I need to have a talk with Robert about his acting skills. Let me know what you think.

Introducing Robert Ruffards

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Yes, I’m regressing back to Introducing the characters, I want to establish what kind of entity each one is. Yes, the story is progressing, bear with me. I’m guessing that all women have met this kind of guy a great

Introducing Richard Ruffards

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And now, I introduce Richard Ruffards. Yes, he looks just like Robert (or Robert looks just like Richard, depending on who you ask). They are twins, and don’t get along that well. On his computer screen (actually, that’s MY computer

Introducing Steven Stripes

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And here is Steven Stripes, one of the few characters whose last name isn’t an animal sound. He doesn’t like my humor that much, but it is my comic. Let me know what you think.

Introducing Tina Growly

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And now we formally introduce Tina Growly, an anthropomorphic tiger. Apparently she isn’t thrilled by my writing. Eh, she knows how to write, so I won’t press the issue. Let me know what you think.