Tina gets coffee

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Yeah, nothing gets in the way of that Moki Mocha, not even hecklers. Let me know what you think

Jennifer introduces Tina to online dating

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Sorry it took so long to get this up . I got a new laptop, and had to configure it to match my desktop computer. I made eighty percent of this comic using my laptop. Also, we had a home

Now what?

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Something tells me this isn’t good. Let’s see who she chose. I’m still building my comic template to speed up my comic making process. I have the material already written, drawing is the problem. Please bear with me. Let me

Oh skin, not this

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Hey, I have to shave! Let me know what you think.

Oh… wow…

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I don’t wanna know all the details of the characters’ private lives! Let me know what you think

Yeah, that works

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Maybe Tina should have listened to Richard’s advice. Let me know what you think

Again… What?

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I wanna know why Jennifer was carrying around a Goody Bag! Let me know what you think