Introducing William GrawGruff

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And here we have Billy… I mean William GrawGruff. Yeah, he’s a gruffy type of goat. And keeping with the carnivorous mammal theme, he claims carnivorous status with his ferret heritage. And he was NOT fun to introduce. But don’t

Introducing Launa Woofypoo

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And now, we meet a new character, Launa Woofypoo. Yes, she will be a reoccurring character. I wish to NOT regret this! Let me know what you think.

Introducing Narva MacRibbitSan

Narva MacRibbitSan Evolution takes a lot of drugs

Sorry I’m late on the comic, here is something I made while practicing drawing. Here is Narva MacRibbitSan, mix species to the max. Let me know what you think.