My first comic

Roar 00000 00000 00000a

Well people, welcome to my comic. This is pretty amazing, considering I can’t draw at all. I used Clip Studio Paint for drawing, Vector Graphics to make straight lines (I can’t draw a straight line due to my neurological condition),

Explaining the last comic

Roar 00000 00001 00002

Please don’t worry, Becky is fine, and the full explanation will come later on how she survived. And I need to have a talk with Robert about his acting skills. Let me know what you think.

No comic today

Roar Vaccine

Yay, I’m getting my second Covid Vaccine today, thanks to the VA Hospital system, Yay. Don’t worry, the comic will continue.

We resolved our issues

00000 00012 00004

Well, that’s that. And no more talking back at the cartoonist. You hear me Richard? Let me know what you think.