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Well, I made my second comic, and… members of Roar won’t let me have my time in the light. *Sigh*…

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First panel, Sammy is sitting in his chair, looking to the left, upset. The office contains a big desk with a computer and monitor. On the wall is a hand drawn picture of a lion with the word Roar above it. It looks like a kid drew the picture. Sammy says “Well, last time I was here, I was rudely interrupted by members of this comic.”

Second panel, Sammy has his hands out, and is looking up. Sammy says “But let’s not waste any more time. Let’s journey into wonderment and mirth, artistry and merriment.”

Third panel, Sammy is looking up, thinking, with one hand near his chin. Sammy says “Before we begin, the wise words of a famous author come to mind who once said…”

Fourth panel, four people from the left side of the scene yell “START THE COMIC NOW!!!” With eyes closed and angry, Sammy faces the dialog and yells “I’m not done yet!”

Roar - Let’s try this again. My… second comic. Transcript
Let’s try this again. My… second comic. transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSamwise Galenorn in
Let’s try this again. My… second comic.

2 thoughts on “Let’s try this again. My… second comic.

    • 05/27/2020 at 3:31 pm

      Thanks, and you are my first comment on my site. I appreciate it. I have a lot of comics for this already written, I just have to draw them.


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