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Well people, welcome to my comic. This is pretty amazing, considering I can’t draw at all. I used Clip Studio Paint for drawing, Vector Graphics to make straight lines (I can’t draw a straight line due to my neurological condition), Live Home 3D for background image, and Clip Studio’s 3D models to trace over everything.

I want to get at least one comic made per week, I’m hoping for two a week. We’ll see how it goes.

As you may guess, this site is hosted off of my wife’s site. Check it out.

Well, on with the comic. Enjoy.

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Introducing the comic

Comic Transcripts

First panel, Sammy is sitting in his chair waving to the audience, smiling. The office contains a big desk with a computer and monitor. On the wall is a hand drawn picture of a lion with the word Roar above it. It looks like a kid drew the picture. Sammy says “Hey-ho, Sammy here, and welcome to my comic!”
Second panel, Sammy motions to the picture on the wall, looking to it. Sammy says “This will be a witty comic full of delightful merriment. It will appeal to your high class humor.”
Third panel, Sammy has his head resting on his fist as he thinks. Sammy says “Before we begin, I’d like to quote the wise words of a famous cartoonist who once said…”
Fourth panel, four people from the left side of the scene yell “START THE COMIC, HUMAN!!!” With eyes closed and angry, Sammy faces the dialog and yells “I’m getting to it!”

Roar - My first comic Transcript
My first comic transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSamwise Galenorn in
My first comic

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