Behind every bestselling author there’s a team that helps her. You’ve heard me talk about them, but now I’d like you to meet my assistants! (And before anybody asks: We have a full team and I’m not taking applications for anyone else).


First, there’s Andria. She’s my local assistant and she does just about whatever I need, including all of the mailings. So if you’ve ever received a contest prize from me, or swag, that’s part of Andria’s job. She’s also tall. Very tall. I’m short. Andria changes lightbulbs and gets things down off tall shelves. YAY for tall assistants! Andria has been helping out since February 2011, and some of you have met her when we’ve gone to conferences and so forth. She also has her own business as a massage therapist (yes, she’s my massage therapist, that’s how I met her), and she’s an avid reader, and a quilter.


Jennifer is my Virtual Assistant, and she takes care of all things Facebook for me. She also posts the excerpts on the blog, helps me brainstorm promo ideas, and is my beta reader and my go-to sidekick when I need a quick refresher on somebody’s hair color from books long past, or so forth. It’s usually quicker to hit her up for the info than grab down my series bible. She’s also been helping out since February 2011, officially, and before that she was a moderator for my forums for a few years. She likes to do a lot of arts/crafts, is an HIV activist, and a gamer.

Samwise is my husband, as you know. He’s also my web programmer. I do the design, he does the programming. He formats my e-books, and helps out with anything I need coded (for special holiday promos, etc). He’s been helping out off and on since my first website back in 1998 when he sat me down, showed me how to use Netscape Composer, and then said, “Go for it.” Now, he stays at home and helps out full time, which includes doing laundry, herding cats, and listening to my endless renditions of “OH SAMMMMMMM”…. In his spare time he programs, codes, writes, and games. Oh, and lifts weights. A lot.

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