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(Adult Urban Fantasy/Explicit Sex)

"My name is Kaeleen Donovan. I'm a Theosian-a minor goddess. They call me Fury."

By day, I run the Crossroads Cleaning Company, and I also reads fortunes and casts hexes at Dream Wardens, a magical consulting shop. But by night, I'm oath-bound to Hecate, goddess of the Crossroads. Hecate charged me from birth with the task of hunting down Abominations who come in off the World Tree and sending them back to Pandoriam.

The end of civilization as we knew it arrived not with a whimper, but with a massive storm. When Gaia-the great mother and spirit of the Earth-finally woke from her slumber to discover the human race destroying the planet through a series of magical Weather Wars, she pitched a fit. The magical storm she unleashed change such as never before had been seen. The resulting gale ripped the doors on the World Tree wide open, including the doors to Pandoriam-where the Aboms-chaotic demons of shadow and darkness live, and the doors to Elysium, where the Devani-ruthless agents of light, exist.

In that one cataclysmic moment, now known as the World Shift, life changed forever as creatures from our wildest dreams-and nightmares-began to pour through the open doors.

The old gods returned and set up shop. The Fae and the Weres came out from the shadows and took up their place with the humans. The Theosians began to appear. Technology integrated with magic, and now everything is all jumbled up together. Nothing in the old order remained untouched. The world might appear to be similar to the way it was, but trust me-under that thin veneer of illusion, nothing has remained the same.

Series Reading Order:

Fury Rising
Fury's Magic
Fury Awakened
Fury Calling
Fury's Mantle



Meet Fury & Her Friends!

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Readers Are Saying:

Fury UnboundI love the Fury Unbound series because of Fury and Tam as both individuals and a couple. The fact that they both respect each other to do what the other is best at and not hold back the other. The love between these two is very powerful and moving. This is definitely my favorite series. --Teena E. Folts



Fury Unbound

I knew the Fury Unbound series was something special when I sped through the first book in less than 24 hours. This series has everything I love: a strong, courageous woman as the narrator, intriguing, attractive, smart  characters, magical happenings, interesting storylines...all souped up to the nth degree! I appreciate these books because they look at big, scary social and political issues, but with enough magic, mythology, and love woven in to make for fun reading experiences.    --Robin Mandell

Fury UnboundI'm a sucker for dystopian fiction. The combination of dystopia, Gods, magic, and Yasmine's always entertaining writing meant I was drawn in even faster than usual. I love that the first trilogy took some unexpected turns and kept me on the edge of my seat several times. and I am so excited to know we will have more tales in this world!  --Soli Johnson


Fury UnboundI love the Fury Unbound series because it takes me a new world.  The characters feel like friends.  After finishing the last page, I go back to page 1 and start rereading it. This is one of my my favorite series ever. --Michelle Garcia




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