The Chintz 'n China Tea Shop


Emerald O'Brien is both the town witch and owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room. Living in the small town of Chiqetaw, WA, with her two children and four cats, Emerald finds herself embroiled in murder, mystery and mayhem that comes at her from both the 'mundane world' and the supernatural side of life (and death).

Series Reading Order:

  1. Ghost of a Chance
  2. Legend of the Jade Dragon
  3. Murder Under A Mystic Moon
  4. A Harvest of Bones
  5. One Hex of a Wedding
  6. Holiday Spirits (Novella)
  7. Well of Secrets


Readers Are Saying:

Chintz and China iconI love the Chintz 'n China series! I'd like to get to know Emerald O'Brian and spend afternoons in her tea shop. She handles supernatural happenings in a "no nonsense" fashion and had me hooked from the first book. Anytime I need an escape I can find it in her tea shop. --Peg Cartano


Chintz and China icon I have enjoyed the Chintz and China series many times. It feels like coming home to visit Emerald, her family and various friends. These mystery cozies are fun spiritual detective adventures with Emerald leading the pack of the sometimes wild spirits that need to be helped, or assisted to their final rest, assisted by her family and friends. --Marty Tool


Chintz and China icon My favorite thing about the Chintz 'n China series is how relatable the characters are. Emerald feels like a real person, with her own likes, dislikes, and character quirks. The little bit of mischief her kids bring makes the story seem all the more realistic. This is my favorite series for a bit of light reading. --Anna Hooker


Chintz and China iconOh, what a treat the Chinz’n China series is. I instantly fell in love with Emerald, her two kids, and all her friends. This series has it all: romance, friendship, mystery and paranormal. But most of all, characters that could be your neighbors and you feel like you have known them all your life, and you worry with them, laugh with them and cry with them. If you are like me, who likes a good murder mystery with some magic thrown in the mix, likes to laugh, a little romance, you will not be disappointed and truly enjoy and love the Chinz’n China series. --Karin Costa

Chintz and China icon I love Chintz 'n China series! It is the perfect balance between life situations and mystical situations 🙂 it has me on my toes always wanting more! --Kristen Cunningham




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