Here you’ll find up-to-date information on what’s going on with each series I have.
Last Updated: April 26, 2023 I have gone back into KU, (click to see what that means), so all books except for my Whisper Hollow Series and my indie OW books are now available there again.



MOONSHADOW BAY SERIES: Currently in production. Paranormal Women’s fiction. Currently, there are eight books in the series and book 9–Cursed Web–comes out in June 2023. Book 10–Solstice Web–will be in autumn 2023.

MAGIC HAPPENS SERIES: Currently in production. First and second books are both out. Next book TBA, probably after mid-2024.

WHISPER HOLLOW: This series is on hiatus currently. I have the rights back to this series…mostly. There have been some glitches because of clauses I did not realize were in the contracts and they are proving to make things difficult. I am not certain what I will be doing with this series at this time. There are currently 3 books in this series. I DO want to write more but I’m sorting out some things first.

THE STARLIGHT HOLLOW SERIES: Dark paranormal romance/fantasy (Not part of any other altaverse at the current time): This series is in production. First book due out in Autumn 2023.


HEDGE DRAGON TRILOGY:  This series is on temporary hiatus due to personal reasons.

NIGHT QUEEN SERIES: This series is in production. Currently the first two books are out. Third book will be out late summer of 2023.

WILD HUNT SERIES: This series is finished. The first six books have been licensed by Tantor Audio, so they have come out in audio. Sales will determine if the audio company licenses more in the series. There are 17 books in this series and one novella in the series.


LILY BOUND SERIES:  This series is on indefinite hiatus for the time being. I have regained my rights to this series and released the first book again (with a gorgeous new cover). I will eventually release another book or two in it, but have no time line set yet. There is currently 1 book in this series. Eventually I hope to write more.

NOVELLAS/ETC: There’s almost always something new going on here in terms of a yearly anthology.


BATH & BODY SERIES:  This series is finished. There will be no more books.  There are 3 books in this series.

BEWITCHING BEDLAM SERIES: This series is finished. There are currently 5 books and several novellas in this series.

CHINTZ ‘N CHINA SERIES: This series is finished. There are 5 books and 2 novellas in the series.

FLY BY NIGHT SERIES: I only have the rights to one of the two books back. I will only be republishing the books once I have both of them back. This series is finished–I will not be writing more in this series. There are only two books in this series and I’m currently not promoting them as I try to get the rights to the second book back.

FURY UNBOUND SERIES: This series is finished. There are five novels in the series.

INDIGO COURT SERIES:  This series is finished. There are five novels and one novella in the series.

A WITCH’S GUIDE NONFICTION MAGICKAL SERIES:  Currently, I have re-released three books in the series and planning on re-releasing one more at this time. There were 8 books in this series (1 was a reprint).

OTHERWORLD SERIES: This series is finished. I am currently in a struggle to get my rights back to the books that they still control (more than half of them). Until I have my rights back, I will NOT be republishing the books I have control over, and I will not be writing any more in this series. Once/IF I get all the rights back, I may consider writing more if–at THAT point–sales go up. I am encouraging my readers to please read and recommend my indie book series instead of Otherworld, because the fewer sales this series has, the more apt I am to get the rights back to the remaining books. There are 21 books total (18 through traditional publishing and 3 through my indie brand), and numerous novellas and short stories in this series.



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