Well, it’s official. This coming week I should be into KU–so all you KU readers who’ve been waiting/wanting to read my books, or wanting to re-read my books, now you can!

All books, except for the Whisper Hollow Series and my indie OW series (I don’t control the traditional books in this series) will be in KU. So go wild–read like the wind!

NEW BOOKS: new books will be at all vendors during preorder, and then for ONE WEEK after release. At that time, they will be delisted from other vendors and go into KU. I do not recommend waiting till the last minute because vendors list/delist on their own time and it might end up delisting a bit early. So get your preorders in and that way you’ll have them on release day.

KU will last at LEAST 3 months–if I’m doing well, financially, I will remain in KU. So if you are a KU reader and want me to stay–borrow those books and read them! That will do the most to help me stay in KU.

You can still buy my books off Amazon, in BOTH e-format and print format, while I am in KU.

And for those of you who are with other vendors: remember, as long as you preorder a copy, you’ll be able to buy my books. And yes, the books you have already bought will stay on your e-reader as long as you do not delete them.

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