If you like Urban Fantasy (with some sex/romance):

  • Start with the Wild Hunt, my newest and–I consider my best–UF series. Heat Level: Moderate.
  • You may also like my Otherworld Series–which I will tell you now, I’m not encouraging people to read until I get my rights back to ALL of the books. The series is not completely available for e-reader until that time.

If you want an older heroine–paranormal, with romance/mystery/some sex:

  • Jump into my newest series, my Moonshadow Bay Series! Paranormal women’s fiction–with a healthy dose of romance and mystery on the side.
  • More lighthearted than Moonshadow Bay, is my somewhat raunchy, always rowdy Bewitching Bedlam Series (hot vamp nookie here).
  • Also, there’s my Whisper Hollow Series–a haunting paranormal series that contains both mystery and romance.

If you like Dark Gothic Contemporary Fantasy (with kinky vampire sex–not humorous, very gritty):

If you want cozy mysteries (though they do push the envelope just a little:

If you like dystopian eco-urban fantasy:

I also have nonfiction on magick/witchcraft:

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