Caturday time! Miss Brighid giving me a tiny meow.

Brighid looking cute

    • It’s hard to have life without cats. I have had them all my life until 3 years ago when I had to get rid of all (6) of mine due to my landlord catching me.

  1. Midge Frost (Ilona)

    I love Caturday! Your cats are adorable. Right now our cat has taken over the fleece throw on our couch and is ensconced and snoozing!

  2. I wish my furry grandbabies liked the Celtic names I came up with as name ideas for them, but so far they’re not impressed. I do have one named Freya, she’s the one that gets noisy if I don’t give her my undivided attention. Then there’s Mama Lucky, who tries to lick my face off every chance she gets. For some reason she also tries to grab hold of my earring and pull it out of my ear.. Little weirdo…

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