Blessed Beltane

Today’s Beltane, and our 24th anniversary. We’ve had a rough weekend, though. Caly, our tortie girl, ended up sick and in the animal ER. She’s a very skittish kitty so it’s been rough on her. Today she’s at our usual vet’s and I am calmer because I trust him implicitly, and he knows her very well. So the best Beltane wish, the best anniversary gift we could get is for her to come home tonight on the mend. That’s where our focus is right now. I missed my Marymoor post yesterday and that’s just going to have to be okay.

Bright Blessings, and may your Beltane be joyous!


  1. Happy Beltane to you & Samwise and anniversary as well. Hope your Caly feels better soon. Last Monday, we said goodbye for now to one of our kitty furbabies. It was a blessing for him as he was very ill but rough on us who are still left behind.

  2. Blessed Beltane and Happy Anniversary to you and Samwise. I’ve been praying for your precious Caly. I hope she comes home very soon.

  3. Blessed Beltane and Happy Anniversary! I’ll pray that Caly comes home to mend in your loving arms! <3

  4. Hope Caly is well soon – our kitties are such an important part of our lives. Happy Beltane and Happy Anniversary to you and Samwise. Bright Blessings!

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