Good morning everyone and welcome to the Monday Snippet! It’s less than a month to go now till release of Delilahs latest adventure, Panther Prowling!

Panther Prowling is available for pre-order right now, as is the first full length novel featuring Shimmer and the rest of the Fly By Night agency, Flight From Death. Click on the names for the pre order page – and if you want to preorder a signed copy of Panther Prowling, you can always head on over to Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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Yasmine’s latest electronic anthology is available now – Men Of Otherworld!

Mist & ShadowsTales From OtherworldFlight From Hell & Priestess Dreaming are still available!  Panther Prowling is available for PREORDER, click on the names for the pre-order page.

Men of OtherworldMist And Shadows and  Tales From Otherworld (Which features a small prequel to Priestess Dreaming!) and are both out but they are electronic releases only, you will need either an e-reader or an app to read it.  Amazon offers free e-reader software for you to do just that and read them on your computer or your smartphone.


Bruce appeared with Hanna. They were carrying sand- wiches and cookies, and Hanna returned to the kitchen for tea. Vanzir was rubbing his chin, deep in thought. Fleeting images of him kissing Aeval ran through my mind, but now it seemed so far away and of no matter.

“I’ve heard of things like this . . . it isn’t Demonkin; that I can tell you.” He frowned.

“What do we do about the house? Menolly’s going to have to find someplace to sleep come sunrise.” I was frustrated. This attack was out of the blue—and what was worse, we had no clue of who was behind it.

“I can sleep in the safe room down at the Wayfarer. But I’ll need guards on the door during the day tomorrow.” Menolly looked down at Shade. “Or I can call Roman and head over there tonight.”

Nerissa let out a grumble. “I don’t like that idea—”

Menolly whirled, her voice rising an octave. “This isn’t about Roman. It’s not about you either. It’s about me having a safe place to rest away from the sunlight and potential vampire slayers that want to play Buffy and go all stake-the-vamp on me. Okay? It’s not about anybody or anything except me feeling safe when I’m at my most vulnerable.”

Wincing, Nerissa bit back just as sharp. “Let me speak. I don’t like that idea because we won’t be able to watch over you and make certain you’re safe.”

Menolly stared at her, and a thousand words passed, unspoken, between them. “I’m pretty sure Roman’s guards will keep me safe.”

“Then that’s what you should do.” Nerissa stared right back, and I could see a quiver around her muscles. She was a stone’s throw from shifting into her Were form. I quickly stood, moving to Nerissa’s side.

“Let’s step out for a breath of fresh air.” I steered her toward the door.

Nerissa allowed me to guide her outside. Once there, she stalked over to the porch swing and sat down, holding herself, rocking. “I won’t shift, I won’t shift . . . I won’t . . .”

“Take a deep breath and count to five. Then let it out slowly.

She did as I’d instructed. “I’m sorry, Delilah. Sometimes your sister makes me so damned mad. She assumes so much. She finishes my sentences for me. She always leaps to conclusions. Half the time I keep my mouth shut because I know she’s going to misunderstand what I say. The other half . . . we argue. I love her, but I’m starting to wonder . . .”

“If you made a mistake?” I hated those words. I hated even bringing them out into the open.

But Nerissa surprised me. “No, never. Menolly, a mistake? I can’t imagine thinking that.

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Monday Snippet! – Panther Prowling
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