Good morning everyone and welcome to the Monday Snippet! As you may have guessed it’s only one week now till the release of Delilahs latest adventure, Panther Prowling! That’s right, on the 27th of January, Panther Prowling will be released into the wilds of bookshops 🙂

Panther Prowling is available for pre-order right now, as is the first full length novel featuring Shimmer and the rest of the Fly By Night agency, Flight From Death. Click on the names for the pre order page – and if you want to preorder a signed copy of Panther Prowling, you can always head on over to Seattle Mystery Bookshop

So here’s your final snippet!


A moment later, Camille spoke. “We’re ready. Stay within the circle, both of you. Do you understand me, Delilah?”

I let out a low growl and bobbed my head up and down, moving to place myself firmly within the pentagram that now surrounded us. A mobile star within a circle, it was composed of flaming violet fire—the color of death magic—and as long as we were within the confines of it, we were relatively safe. The moment the pair were attacked or forced to attack, we’d lose the protection, but for now, we were guarded.

“Okay. Step by step, we head up the porch.” Morio led the way, hand in hand with Camille. Wilbur and I followed them, pacing ourselves to stay within the flaming magical fire without bumping into my sister and her husband.

We reached the door without incident and I realized that—whatever the devil-wraith was—it couldn’t voluntarily leave the house. Somehow, whatever ghost had conjured it had tied it to our place. Otherwise, the damned thing would be out here, attacking us. Enemies didn’t generally wait for you to intrude on their domain if they knew where you were and that you were on the warpath. With her free hand, Camille opened the door. Morio fell back a step, still holding her hand, so they could enter without disrupting the protection. Wilbur and I paid close attention, making certain we didn’t lag behind.

We entered the foyer and the noise became deafening. Wails and screeches—screams . . . the devil-wraith was letting loose like there was no tomorrow. As we stepped through the arch leading into the living room, a deep laughter echoed through the walls, and the front door slammed shut and a tangle of vines grew up over the door.

We were locked in.



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Monday Snippet! – Panther Prowling
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