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Each Saturday (well, today—Sunday, but from now on, on Saturdays) I will be answering some reader questions. So here we go!

Jennifer Daniels asks: Yasmine may have answered these questions before but… Are you often writing more than one book/story at a time? How do you keep everything straight? And have a million and one more questions but I will end with, Thank you. Books have been my saving grace the last year.

A: Hi, Jennifer! I’m so glad my books have helped you relax! Yes, there’s always a point where books overlap. I will be writing first draft on one, and doing copyedits on another and often promoting a third one. Keeping things straight is part of my job—and I keep copious notes, I write outlines as I go through the book (I don’t work off an outline before I start writing other than a 2-page synopsis of the highlights I know are going to happen). I keep intensive research bibles on each series that I try to keep as updated as possible. And I bought every one of my books in e-format, which makes it much easier to search through for when I need to double-check on something.

Patricia Gordon asks: Did Yasmine always want to be a writer? And what are her inspirations for her writing? Thank you.

A: Hey, Patricia! Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I started learning to read very young—around three. And I remember there was one point where—I don’t know if someone told me or I just figured it out—but I realized that people made the books and stories I loved. And right then, I knew I wanted to “make” books. As far as inspiration, the only way I can answer that is: there is no place I don’t get inspiration. Everything brings up possibilities for me. I suppose it’s just the way I look at the world.

Dee Fitzwater asks: Has the Otherworld Series ever been considered for a TV or movie series?

A: Hi Dee. No, I have never received any offers or inquiries about the series. A lot of people don’t realize that the author is not the one who goes out and finds a movie/TV company—the production company has to take an interest in the book series and approach our agents. I would love to see that happen because of the increase in audience that it could bring to my work. However, I have often said that I could easily see it as an anime series much easier than live-action. I think it would work a lot better in that form.

Sarah Pershon asks: Will there ever be children from Camille or Delilah before the books end?

A: Hey Sarah. Camille does not want children and so no, she will not have them. As far as Delilah goes, I don’t know if she’ll get pregnant with the Autumn Lord’s child (we know she’s destined to have one) before the end of the spirit seal arc or not. I rather think not—though the series might eventually continue after the demonic war showdown (I am not making any promises, but if it does, then you may see the pregnancy at that point). For one thing, if she was pregnant, I’d have to take her out of the action. For another, the Autumn Lord would realize how important she is to the war effort so he wouldn’t let it happen.

Jennifer Shreves asks: Which of her characters is more like Yasmine herself? Did she base any of them on an alter ego?

A: Hi Jennifer! That one’s easy. I’m very much like Camille. She is kind of my alter ego in a great many ways—tastes, style, and attitude. Obviously, I have no designs on being beat up by demons and the like, but yeah, if I were to step into one of the character’s shoes, she would be the easiest fit. That also means she’s the easiest for me to write. In the Otherworld Series, Menolly would be next closest to me. The only thing I have in common with Delilah is a love of Cheetos (which I cannot eat), and the fact that I love cats. ~grins~ But I also see parts of me in Shimmer (in the upcoming Fly by Night Series), and in Kerris Fellwater (in the upcoming Whisper Hollow Series).

Okay, that’s it for now. Check in next Saturday for more reader questions! And get ready—tomorrow is the first tease for the DARKNESS RAGING cover reveal!


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Answering Reader Questions!
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4 thoughts on “Answering Reader Questions!

  • 06/01/2015 at 9:40 am

    Thank you for the answers! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  • 06/01/2015 at 4:24 am

    Thank you for your answer i very much appreciate the time you have taken to answer these questions. I adore your books, takes me away when i read them, so looking forward to the new series. Take care.

  • 05/31/2015 at 5:08 pm

    I am working on my own first book, what is your advice to a person who wants to become published? Also, what inspired you to write the Otherworld series?


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