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Every autumn I love to decorate the house. Early to mid September, I deck it out for Samhain, and then when Samhain is over, I take down the more ooo-spooky decorations, and keep up the rest of the autumn ones until it’s time to decorate for Yule. So from September through the end of December the house is fully adorned. I don’t usually decorate as much for spring and summer because there are so many flowers blooming and so much activity going on outside.

So I thought I’d show you some of our autumn decorations, both inside and out. The pumpkinscape is an easy way to decorate your yard without having to spread everything all over. And it’s pretty. And the pumpkin containers with flowers in the backyard were easy to do. I saw a post on Facebook on how to put it together. You just buy four or five of the candy buckets, drill holes in them and slide them down a pole, then fill with dirt and flowers. I doubt if these buckets will last more than one season—they were very cheap and cracked when we used the drill on them, but for one or two dollars each, they’re an inexpensive seasonal decoration. I want to find some of the sturdier ones that are round but those seem hard to find anymore, at least around here.

You’ll notice Caly and Apple are trying to help with the roses, and of course their help was much appreciated. In terms of some of the other decorations, I’ve often been asked where I get the green and yellow and purple spinning lights. I found them in Safeway a couple years ago. You can also find some of them on Amazon.

I have spent years gathering most of our decorations. Each year I get rid of a few that are bedraggled—garlands don’t last forever. And inevitably, some ornaments get broken. So each year I replace the ones that are gone. I realized as we were unpacking them, that it’s like saying hello to old friends. When you keep something year after year, it becomes part of the household, and almost takes on an essence of its own.

So here’s a gallery of my autumn decorating this year. Do you like to decorate for the seasons? And if so which is your favorite? Do you have any family heirloom decorations that have been passed down?

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Autumn Decorating
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3 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating

  • 09/29/2015 at 2:20 pm

    I love Samhain. It’s a very meaningful sabbat for me. I love the colors and decorations. Your yard and home are beautiful. So are your kitties. I have a black cat named Cricket who could be Apple’s sister. 🙂

  • 09/26/2015 at 8:36 am

    I used to decorate for Halloween and Christmas a lot more than I do now. My cats seem to be attracted to the displays and are basically just plain bad when it comes to leaving them alone. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have boxes of ornaments – a lot of which I have had for years.

  • 09/26/2015 at 5:36 am

    Halloween is by far my favorite holiday to decorate for. I am decorating this weekend and your post helps get me in gear. I have quite a bit and I just try to add just one new decoration each year. That’s a lot harder than it sounds.


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