A note about not being able to find my books in bookstores:

With the closing of so MANY bookstores, and all stores cutting back on the amount of stock they order, it’s harder and harder for authors to know whether their books will be in the stores–and there’s not much we can do about it. So there’s a good chance that–with all the other books published–an author won’t see their books in nearly as many stores as they used to.

That’s why I urge pre-orders when possible. One–it encourages the publisher to actually get behind promoting the book more when they realize that people are waiting for it. Two–if you pre-order from a store or website, they will quite often bring in a couple extra copies with the one somebody pre-orders, so it gets the books noticed by the sellers and may get them on the shelves. smile emoticon

This is why we encourage preordering so much with traditionally published books.

I am very supportive of Seattle Mystery Bookshop because they are so helpful to authors, and they do a lot of promotion for the books they love. (Also, I can sign books through them, and yes, they DO mail order, even internationally). smile emoticon

But wherever you buy the books from, it helps. And if they are a shop or website that WILL pre-order, hey…it’s very helpful. –Yasmine

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An FYI Note About Not Finding My Books in Stores
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