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Q: Are you ever going to do a book tour?

A: Not really—book tours are rapidly becoming things of the past. For one thing, I have to pay for all the transportation and lodging, and with so few people showing up at book signings it’s simply not a viable economic consideration. A book tour can cost thousands of dollars and rarely brings in enough sales to make it worthwhile. And then there’s the matter of writing time lost. (Plus I’m one of those rare people who really don’t enjoy travel much—with my severe food allergies and back issues, it becomes a nightmare of planning for me to be safe and even moderately comfortable).

Q: Do you compile your playlists for each book before you begin writing, while writing, or after the book is finished?

A: I compile them before—and then add or subtract songs as I go. I go by the mood I want in the book, although there are a few songs that are in almost every single playlist, as well as artists.

Q: In one of the first Moon Sisters book, actually I think it was Witchling, she mentions Iris likes to bake. Any chance of getting a recipe book?

A: I’m afraid not—it takes so long to test every recipe that it would severely eat into my writing time. Also, unless you’re a famous chef, cookbooks usually don’t sell well and I have to keep that in mind.

Q: I love that the Otherworld series features main characters with different sexual preferences (gender preference, love play styles, etc.). This exact thing I feel is missing from the majority of other paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and romance novels I have read. How important is it to you to explore different facets of sexuality? Do you think this is something more authors should embrace?

A: Very important—for one thing, I’m bisexual, and not exactly vanilla. I also have a number of friends who are polyamorous. I feel so much emphasis is put on traditional relationships in romance that some of us have to represent the minority. And I’m comfortable doing so. I also try to make certain I never misrepresent—for example, it’s easy to misrepresent BDSM. I try to make certain my sex scenes are consensual and sane. Safe—well, fucking a demon may not be safe, but hey, it is fiction!

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Answering Reader Questions!
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