So I’ve been writing hard, watching Top Chef, and writing more. I also discovered that I really don’t feel comfortable in my office chair anymore, but haven’t been able to find one that works in its place. So I’m kind of at a loss. I tried my exercise ball and while it’s comfy to sit on, I can’t use it like a rolling chair. I tried one of those rolling bases for it, but the ball makes it hard to keep my legs in a good position as well, and I can’t lean back when I’m thinking. And no, a standing desk is not going to work for me, and neither would a treadmill desk (treadmills kill my knees).

So I’m kind of stymied. But I will keep looking. I may resort to a folding chair (padded) for a little bit because that’s almost more comfortable than what my chair has become.

In other news, I got the most beautiful material for new altar cloths—it’s in a pattern representing the Aurora Borealis. And the weather is about to dip down into below-freezing range again at night. Definitely winter. Brrr!

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Chairs, Cloths, and Cold
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