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Hello, Monday…

I’m happy to announce that the print copy of Bewitching Bedlam is now available on Createspace for ordering—it will be linked on Amazon within a few days, but you can hop over to CS if you can’t wait to order it!

It’s frosty here this morning, but I’m awake and drinking my latte and getting ready for the day. I had part of the weekend off (I spent part of yesterday getting some routine blog posts ready), but Saturday—I did whatever I wanted. And I had nails and hair this weekend so those two things were self-care, which I’ve realized that I need a lot.

There’s always been this little niggle of doubt in my brain about going indie—is it what I need to do, will my readers follow me…I was pretty sure, but still…

Well, last night my answer came at the hair dresser’s. Now, I’ve always had really thick hair, but over the last few years it’s thinned a little. Not so it’s noticeable to anybody but her and me, but yeah, I noticed it. But the past couple months, when I’ve brushed/washed/styled my hair, it has felt a little different. I didn’t say much though, because bluntly put, I just spaced it after I’d finish drying my hair each time.

But last night, my hair dresser said to me, “You’re a lot less stressed since you shifted your career focus, aren’t you?”

I’ve been realizing the past month or so that yes, I am feeling less stressed. I told her yes, why?

She said, “Your hair is so much thicker than it was four months ago. It’s really nice and thick again now.”

And that’s when I realized how much stress over the past few years has hit me. I really can’t tell you why or how here, there are things it’s always better not to say in public about things that companies you worked with. But honestly, the stress level over worrying about sales and worrying about what wasn’t being done on promotion and wanting to step outside the box I felt I was in…it compounded in my life in a major way. And it has been affecting my health and—apparently, my hair. And I know it’s affected my food allergies and histamine intolerance till early last year it just exploded horribly.

So yes, I have physical validation now that this is what I need to do, along with one other inescapable fact: I’m happier. I’m really enjoying my work again. It’s not that I didn’t love what I wrote before, but I’m HAPPY writing again. I’m feeling joyous about my work again. And that, is one of the greatest gifts going indie has given to me.

I’m free to make my own decisions, to write as long or as short as I need to, to make sure my covers reflect the book, to publish as much as I want, and to try out new things. I’m getting a bit more time off, where I never had a day off before, unless I was too tired to work. And I’ve discovered ways to work smarter, not harder, so I can write more without exhausting myself. And I know it’s reflecting in my writing—my assistant Jenn told me what a difference she’s noticed in the work itself—I’m writing more freely, and with more joy and it shows.

I hope that your Monday goes well. Tell me, what are your plans for the week?

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Hello Monday!
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