Happy Hump Day humpback whale

For HAPPY HUMP DAY today, my happy place is that I’m writing the last leg of MOON SHIMMERS this week! Then it’s off to the editor. I’ve enjoyed writing this book in a way that I haven’t enjoyed writing Otherworld for awhile. Maybe it’s because it’s Camille’s book but more so, I think it’s because I knew I could take it anywhere I wanted without getting requests to ‘add this’ or ‘don’t put so many scenes in Otherworld’ and so forth. So yeah, happy place is my work this week.

Unfortunately, our site is undergoing some behind-the-scenes changes this week, so comments are off on the blog because they won’t stick. If you want to tell me your happy place, feel free to join our FACEBOOK discussion group! Things will be back to normal on the blog in about a week or so!


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Happy Hump Day!
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