Blood Music

I’ve got a massive backlist out there, but I’m focusing mostly on my indie releases now, which a lot of my readers haven’t heard of yet. So we’re going to be putting up excerpts of the indie work I’ve done—both full length and short collections, each Wednesday, to encourage you to give my new work a try.

Today’s excerpt comes from Blood Music.

Prequel-novelette to the Bewitching Bedlam Series. Available by itself!

When fun-loving witch Maddy Gallowglass moves to Bedlam to restore an old mansion and turn it into a magical bed-and-breakfast, the last thing she expects is to meet her match in the gorgeous vampire Aegis, a former servant of Apollo.

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On the passenger seat, Bubba hunkered down in his carrier. He looked like any ordinary cat. Well, any fifteen pound fluffball red boy with a cowlick on the top of his head. He did a good job of passing. Most people wouldn’t have the faintest clue he was a cjinn by just looking at him. He liked to take trips with me, and I always made sure to consult him whenever I checked out a new place.

“Bubba, you behave while we’re in there. If I let you out, you’d better not run off. I want to ask you some questions when we get a chance to talk. And trust me, this time you are going to tell me the truth.”

Bubba liked to make out that he never led me astray, but the facts proved different.

Buy the leopard print pants, he said. They look great on you. I agree—your hair would be better off bleached blonde ala Bridget Bardot circa mid-1960’s. Don’t worry about telling Craig you’re a witch—he won’t mind at all. Yes, Bubba liked his practical jokes, and they were usually aimed at me.

Bubba stared at me then rolled over, exposing his belly in a come-hither gesture. His eyes were glinting, and he wriggled on his back, but I knew better.


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Backlist Blitz Excerpts: Blood Music
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