Today’s excerpt comes from Knight Magic.



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Dawn had barely broken as we started for the portal. I hadn’t even known this one existed, but it was hidden deep in Talamh Lonrach Oll, behind a cedar grove used for seasonal celebrations.


As we headed toward the grove, the guards followed sedately in back. Smoky and Shade walked together, and Merlin was leading the Keraastar Knights. I looped my arm through Delilah’s as I glanced at the early morning sky.


The day promised to be cool but clear, the sun was streaking the sky with faint streaks of lemon that filtered in long fingers across the pale blue. Wispy clouds would burn off, but before long, the autumn rains would come and sunshine would be a distant memory. The Seattle area was well known for its gloom and doom cloud cover, and with good reason. While we had an occasional heat wave, most of the year was cool and damp.


“So, are you ready for the trip?” Delilah was dressed in a tunic and trousers—clothes she had brought over when we first came. She was wearing a pair of Doc Martins and had her dagger strapped to her side. A pack slung across her back made her look like she was ready for a day hike into the mountains.

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Excerpt: Knight Magic
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