Today’s excerpt comes from Harvest Song.

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“Let me think. I need to think about this for a moment.” I turned, walking out of the room. I needed to get away from the machinery and the smell of disinfectant and the silent hum that all hospitals had. The fact that this was a medic unit for Supes didn’t change that matter.

I told the nurse at the reception desk that I’d be outside for a moment, in case Mallen needed me. As I headed out into the dark of night, I saw that the clouds had socked in. It was still relatively warm — in the low 60s — and a spatter of rain began to pelt down.

I turned my face up to the sky, looking for any signs of the moon, but she was in hiding, and the entire sky seemed faintly illuminated. I seldom prayed, although I was dedicated to the goddess Bast. I was no priestess, but merely a simple devotee. She had always been with me in my heart, and when I thought about it, I realize that my mother had introduced me to her early on. By the time Mother died, I had been added to the temple rolls as one of the members.

“Tell me what I should do,” I whispered, not really expecting an answer. Where Camille was finely attuned to the Moon Mother and her ways, pledged heart and soul to the goddess, and where Menolly worshiped no gods, I was somewhere in the middle. I loved Bast, but I didn’t expect anything from her. And I didn’t feel that she expected much out of me, except to be the best I could.

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Excerpt: Harvest Song
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