Today’s excerpt comes from Oak & Thorns.

Oak & Thorns

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“You want me to meet your father?” The words stuck in my throat. I had heard enough about Cernunnos to know that meeting him was a big deal, and not likely to be pleasant. The Lord of the forest didn’t run around in bellbottoms getting stoned and hugging trees, that much I knew.

“Yeah. You and Angel need to anyway. Everybody who works for the Wild Hunt meets him eventually. Trust me, be glad you’re meeting my father and not someone like Odin or Mielikki. Or even Artemis. Artemis is one of the most solemn women I’ve ever met, and she doesn’t have a sense of humor. At least Mielikki has a sense of humor, but it’s dark and a little twisted. Odin, well, he’s as imposing as all get out, but he can tell a good story.”

My head was reeling. The thought of meeting any of the gods left me numb, and once again, the realization that I was dating a god, albeit a young one, hit home. Herne seemed so unassuming, but the truth was, I had never seen him at his full power and I didn’t know what he could do. Now curious, I debated the best way of asking the questions running through my mind.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You’re a god. You’re the son of a god, but you’re still a god.”

“Technically, I’m a demigod. My mother isn’t fully divine.” A smirk began to creep across his face.

“Quit laughing at me. You know what I mean. Anyway, what can you do? I never asked you before because it never fully sank in. But…just what kind of powers do you have? I mean, can you throw a thunderbolt? Cause an earthquake? Grant wishes? Give me a big raise?” I threw the last in to break the tension.

“Oh, Ember.” Herne laughed. “I cannot throw lightning bolts. Neither can my father. That’s not his domain, nor is it mine. Hell, Morgana can call up a storm faster than either one of us, but only when she’s near the water. As far as an earthquake? Not so much.”

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Excerpt: Oak & Thorns
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