Today’s excerpt comes from Night Vision.

Night Vision

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Kaylin jerked under my hands—I’d been continuing the compressions. A moment later, he shook his head and weakly opened his eyes. Rhiannon removed the cloth—the bleeding had stopped.

“Kaylin, can you hear me?” I leaned down, looking into his face. His eyes were dark, flashing with red, and I could feel his demon close to the surface. We’d had words when his demon first awoke in his soul. In fact, we’d had a knock-down, drag-out fight.

“We hear you, woman.”

So it was the demon. “Is Kaylin…is he with you?”

“Yes, but he’s too weak to speak. His body has lost a lot of blood and needs attention. I cannot bring him back further from the veil until he’s attended to. Even then, he will need a great deal of recuperation.” The demon closed his eyes and Kaylin fell into a deep sleep, his breathing shallow.

“We need to take him back to the Barrow.” I looked up at Luna. “What happened? Are you and Peyton all right?” I’d been so focused on keeping Kaylin alive that I’d forgotten to ask how they were.

“We weren’t hurt. Kaylin tried to protect us, but…they were too strong.”

“Shadow Hunters?” But I didn’t think so. If it had been the Vampiric Fae, they wouldn’t have stopped until all three of them were dead.

“No. I think…day-runners.”

Leo. Or Geoffrey. It had to be one of them or both. “Did they say anything?”

“They were threatening to kill us if we didn’t take them to you. Then Kaylin came in and started to fight them. He hurt both of them—bad.”

“He killed both of them, actually.” Check returned from the other room, Chatter behind him. “Two of the yummanii. Dead in the other room. Looks like Kaylin released his demon on them—they’re ravaged worse than he is.”

“They had tied us up by the time Kaylin stumbled in on us. He chased them into the other room and we heard a horrible noise—shouts and screams. Then Kaylin staggered back in, and he was trying to undo the tape when he passed out. Luna and I couldn’t do anything.” Peyton stared darkly at Kaylin. “I haven’t felt so helpless since Myst captured me and had me in her lair.”

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Excerpt: Night Vision
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