Today’s excerpt comes from The Hallowed Hunt.

The Hallowed Hunt

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As for me, neither side liked admitting I even existed. I was half Light, half Dark and my parents had paid the ultimate price for their love. The distinction between the two Courts was a misnomer. Neither side was either fully good or bad—both Light and Dark Fae were about evenly matched as far as morality—or amorality—went. But as for a hate group? I had never seen them go this far.

“I talked to my father this morning before I came to work. He and Mother want us to look into this immediately. It’s a code red situation, because this could go very bad, very fast. We need to talk to Saílle and Névé as soon as possible. I put in a call and am waiting for both sides to get back to me.” Herne paused, leaning back.

“Is this localized, I hope?” Talia asked.

Herne stared at the flier, then a dark cloud passed over his face and he crumpled it into a ball and threw it in the garbage can. “That, I’m also waiting on. I have calls to the other agencies around the world to see if any of them have heard any rumors about this, or if they’re having problems, too. So far, this is the only blip that’s crossed my radar, so I’m hoping it’s a small group of nutjobs trying to get some attention.”

The Wild Hunt was monitored by Cernunnos and Morgana, but other variants of our agency existed throughout the world. There was Odin’s Chase in Norway, Mielikki’s Arrow in Finland. Diana’s Hounds watched over Italy, and Artemis’s Huntresses—Greece. I wasn’t sure how many more there were, but all of them worked the way we did, and all were loosely grouped together under a governing cloud of gods from the various pantheons.

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Excerpt: The Hallowed Hunt

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