Today’s excerpt comes from The Hallowed Hunt.

The Hallowed Hunt

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I held his gaze. Among canine shifters—including wolf and coyote—that was a challenge.

Yutani grunted, returning my stare, but then he got out of the car and headed up the steps toward the office without another word. I glanced at the car clock. It was almost five-thirty, so I texted Angel to meet me when she was ready, and stayed out front.

We were on the way home before I told her what Yutani had said. “I wanted to backhand him right then and there. I don’t like people trying to mess with my head.”

“He’s an odd one, all right.” She puttered with the heater, turning it up. “How did it go with Amanda?”

I told her what we had found out. “Tell me something, you talked to her. What’s your take on her? Is she telling us the truth? Is she hiding anything?”

Angel shook her head. “I don’t think she’s hiding anything other than shame over the booze. When she came out of the elevator, the wave of sadness and loss that came in with her almost drowned my senses. She had nothing to do with her daughter’s disappearance, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m sure of it.”

That set me at ease. I didn’t like the direction my thoughts had been going. I decided it was time to change the subject.

“Did Raven contact you?”

“About dinner on Saturday? I told her sure.”

“Good. I think we could use a girl’s night out.” I flipped on the turn signal, looking for a break in the traffic to our right so I could change lanes. Finally, I saw a narrow opening and eased the car over, wedging my way into it. A moment later and we were at the turn-off into Big Ben’s Burgers. As I pulled into the drive-through lane, I held out my hand.



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Excerpt: The Hallowed Hunt

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