Today’s excerpt comes from The Hallowed Hunt.

The Hallowed Hunt

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“And a good one at that,” Angel muttered. “Okay, enough about men. What are we going to do tonight? And before anybody suggests anything, I’m not game for trying to summon up another dead rock star. That didn’t go so well.”

I snorted. “You can say that again.” Our recent drunken adventure in trying to conjure up Jim Morrison had gone so far south that we had vowed to keep it between the three of us forever.

Raven rolled her eyes. “You have no sense of adventure. Granted, it was rude of us, but he didn’t have to throw that big of a tantrum, either. It took me two days to wash all the ectoplasm off my walls, and even longer to convince the ferrets that it was safe to come out. I thought we might get a song out of him, but really, Jim could have just said “leave me alone” and I would have canceled the spell. But you have to admit, at least the evening wasn’t boring.”

“Boring? Definitely not. Fun? That’s another matter. But seriously, what should we do tonight?” Angel topped off our glasses. “I could use something fun to distract me.”

“I just bought a whole lot of new makeup, and I raided the Vanity Vintage store. I’ve got a bunch of gorgeous clothes. Why don’t we dress up and hit the Burlesque A-Go-Go? It’s a great new nightclub out near TirNaNog.” Raven clapped her hands. “A friend of mine opened it recently.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

Angel agreed. We headed toward Raven’s bedroom, which was almost the opposite style of the living room. Done up in purples, greens, and black, her bedroom was a lush boudoir, with the king size bed piled high with velvet throw pillows. She brought out an armful of clothing, and we played dress up.


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Excerpt: The Hallowed Hunt

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