Today’s excerpt comes from Witching Hour.

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I was just about to open the door when the doorbell rang.

“Cripes, who is it now,” I muttered under my breath before opening it.

Apollo was standing on my doorstep. The Golden Boy was one of my closer friends. He was also bound to Vixen, the owner of the Burlesque A-Go-Go. They—Vixen was genderfluid—didn’t object to our friendship because they knew I wasn’t attracted to Apollo as anything except a friend.

He was dressed in a pair of tight white jeans, bare chested, wearing a massive fur coat that fell to his feet. His golden hair spilled down his shoulders, and his features were so delicate and symmetrical that all I could think was how beautiful he was. He was a dancer at Vixen’s club, and they kept him bound as a willing boytoy.

“Apollo, what are you doing here?” I stretched up to kiss him on both cheeks. He returned the air kiss, his long lashes fluttering gently.

“I was lonely. Domm Vixen is attending a convention, and they won’t be home till Monday. I was given permission to visit you and a couple other friends, so I thought I’d drop over for brunch. I brought bagels.” Apollo held up a bag. He, like Vixen, was one of the Ante-Fae. And they were both Exosan, like me.

“Lovely, duckie, but I’m about to head out. I’m exorcising a possessed doll this afternoon. But you can go with me—at least as far as the store. I don’t want to take you along on the job, though, because if something goes wrong, Vixen would have my head.” I held up my keys. “Want to ride with me?”

“Where’s the store?”

“It’s the Apothecary, in Redmond Town Square.”

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One thought on “Excerpt: WITCHING HOUR

  • 08/01/2019 at 5:29 pm

    Just finished that book yesterday. Your knowledge of the subject matter is very thorough. The story line kept me going even when I had other things to do. It was well worth the time. Can’t wait for the next book.


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