So, tell me something good that happened to you this past week. What brought you joy? What made you or a loved one happy? Let’s hear the joy!

For me, my big joy was taking some time to play games, to relax a little, and just enjoy life.

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Tell Me Something Good!
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One thought on “Tell Me Something Good!

  • 02/15/2020 at 8:18 pm

    I took over payments on my Dads 2007 Chevy Avalanche.
    Now I’m the owner of a truck, again.
    It’s so nice and so big. All the amenities–leather heated seats, plus a DVD player for the back.(Dont know when I’ll watch a movie in my truck, but it’s still cool!)
    It runs so smooth and all the windows come down and all the doors lock!!
    My previous car (2005 Nissan Murano–named Nomi after lead actress in Showgirls) drivers side window wouldn’t come down and one back door locked whilst the other remained unlocked.
    I’m so happy with getting a good vehicle & less payments!!
    I named my truck–Detrick. Trucks need a dudes name and I always liked Detrick…it just sounds cool.


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