Answering Reader Questions

So, today I’m answering some reader questions!

Victoria asks: Will there be more appearances of Kerris’s grandfather? Also, will more of Bryan’s past be revealed? I liked that his daughter was included and hope to see more of her.

Answer: I don’t know. I’m sure more of Bryan’s past will come out, but I can’t tell you for sure, because I don’t plot the books ahead of time. I’m glad you liked his daughter and I hope she comes into play more, too.

Shannon asks: I’m wondering how it feels to have returned to Whisper Hollow. Did your time away deep in your connection to the world and the characters, or did you have to struggle to get back into the groove?

Answer: While I’m thrilled to be back in Whisper Hollow, it felt odd. Odd and good, but definitely odd. I’m a different person than I was when I began writing that series, and I truly had to revise the first two books in order to get back into the world because my writing has changed since I’ve gone indie and I had to…let’s say… “reclaim them” from my ex-publisher. I enjoyed writing The Phantom Queen, but I also felt like my relationship to the Whisper Hollow world has changed, and there were some hard parts about writing it. I’m much more focused on urban fantasy, and the paranormal romance side of things was harder to write.

Melissa asks: Noticed that the intimate scenes between characters have gotten much less steamy. Is that intentional? I mean, sex is natural. Just asking, because while I don’t need to read 10 explicit pages of one romp, a good steamy sex scene rocks ! 😉

Answer: Yes, actually, it is intentional. While I do occasionally enjoy writing steamy scenes, I was at times forced to add sex scenes to the trad-published books that I didn’t want to write, and that I didn’t feel belonged there. I like sex scenes, but prefer them to be less graphic and explicit, and now I have the leisure to write them only when I feel the time is appropriate.

Maria asks: Since she has moved to self publishing does she hire an editor herself or does she do her own editing?

Answer: Oh no–I would never edit my own books in terms of final editing! EVERY writer needs a good editor and I hire one I trust who I can work well with. I do edit my short-short stories, but for a long story, a novella, or a novel? DEFINITELY hire someone.

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Answering Reader Questions

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