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It’s been two weeks since we had to say goodbye to our Morgan and our little family is trying to find the ‘new normal without her. I’m okay…until I open my mouth to actually talk about her. I can write about her, I can think about her, but I say her name and burst into tears. Our cats are our family, our little ones, and no matter how long it’s been, I still miss the ones we’ve had to say goodbye to.

I need to get back to my elimination diet because I felt so good on it (if hungry–there wasn’t much food). I haven’t slipped too badly but I am giving myself grace over it because frankly, I lost a beloved fur baby and frankly, I don’t give AF that I went off the diet. Reactions, however, aren’t a good thing so it’s time to get back to it.

I took an intensive writing conference, and will be processing info for weeks. I think it will be good for me, having deep thoughts to mull over. It will give me focus. One of the things I realized is that I really want to build my blog community. I LOATHE dealing with Facebook, and I am so irritated that they’ve throttled organic reach to push authors into buying more and more ads. I love my Youtube channel, but it’s labor intensive so I’m cutting down on the frequency of my vids. Patreon made me feel odd. Twitter’s toast. IG is fun but not the place I hang out. Soooo…yeah, blogging is where I feel most comfortable. I love writing blogs, I love having time to think out what I want to say. I also love the fact that I can blog as short or long as I want.

Anyway…just thinking my way through the evening. Missing Morgan. And just…ready to make some changes that I think will be good for me, as a writer, and as a woman/person.

How are you peeps doing? Let me know!

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Wednesday Wanderings

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings

  • 07/29/2021 at 6:37 am

    I am working from home and will not go back into the office. Most of my co-workers act like children, watching what everyone else is doing and tattling if you take 5 minutes longer for lunch,
    Now I’m home with my DH and 3 fur babies. However, my oldest cat Amber, was diagnosed with kidney disease a couple of years ago. Last Friday I had to take her to the vet because she was trying to urinate and only leaving dribbles and drabs on the bed and carpeting. Her kidney values are much higher than from this past May.
    Good news the antibiotic is working and she’s back to her normal self. Bad news is I’m one giant step closer to the handwriting on the wall.
    I’ve had to help other babies in the past go beyond the hedge. It is difficult, very difficult. But I love each and every one and I promised them I would take care of them. Even deciding, with their help, when to help them cross over.
    In the meantime I enjoy every minute I can with my loved ones. Even if DH does drive me batty occasionally 🙂
    Yasmine, I enjoy your books and your blogs very much. And I look forward to your chats.
    Take care and stay safe.

  • 07/28/2021 at 6:00 pm

    Work is not good. Luckily I had Witching Fire to read.
    My furbaby, Artemis passed 3 years ago. I still tell her about a book or your blogs. She was a good listener. My 3 other furbabies are more active.

    Be well.


  • 07/28/2021 at 1:27 pm

    I’m tired & trying to manage my stress, as I am my Mom’s caretaker. She can still do most things by herself, but she has never driven so I’m her driver. Right now she’s had to switch to a new antibiotic for a kidney infection we discovered this past Sat. The one they put her on first cause increased joint pain ( she’s 75 & has arthritis already, but this was worse). Once she stopped taking that one, the pain decreased. Here’s to hoping the new one works better for her.

    We are both looking forward to this weekend. I’m celebrating my birthday on Friday (my actual birthday) & Saturday. Fri., Mom & I are going to Red Robin ( to get my free birthday burger) with a friend of ours. Mom was funny. She actually thought I’d get mad that she invited this friend to join us (it was going to be the two of us). I said, “Of course she can come! I like spending time with her!” She’s also coming to my birthday lunch on Sat. along with 3 more friends, & my 2 Aunts & 1 Uncle. So about 9 of us total. Sunday will be for recovery!

  • 07/28/2021 at 11:23 am

    I binge watch your YouTube videos when I’m studying pagan things and I love them, but I understand cutting back on making them. It’s a lot of effort and I commend everyone who manages it at all.

    I’m two days away from my second vaccine shot and about a month away from returning to school to get a new associates degree (in accounting this time), so I gotta enjoy my vacation while it lasts. I’d be working on editing right now too if my PC didn’t need to be fixed, but when that’s my biggest non-mental issue, it’s a good time to be alive.

    Always good to hear from you and know you are doing well, more or less, and aiming to continue being healthy, happy, and safe. 🙂

    • 07/28/2021 at 12:49 pm

      It’s a lot of work, and I DO enjoy it, but I want to get situated on some of my new writing processes (approaches, not how-to), before I add back in extra work. I’m glad you’re getting vaccinated–thank you! I can’t, so I’m relying on people who can though I have to admit, I don’t have high hopes given how many people who can, but won’t.

      • 07/29/2021 at 6:40 am

        That makes a whole lot of sense. I’m excited to see what you have to say about them when the time comes! I’ve always found listening to authors talk about their writing inspiring and helpful for my own, even if our brains work totally differently.

        I am hugely pro-science as well as pagan by faith, and tend to shout about herd immunity and such. Plus I read up on the vaccines and find the mRNA stuff to be so cool and amazing.

        I live in Texas so there’s far too many people who won’t wear masks or get vaccinated. I’ve been a hermit as much as possible through the pandemic. But at the same time, my partner works with people on the fence or scared and uneducated about the vaccine, and might manage to get a few of them to change their minds. Every little bit helps.

        Hopefully you stay safe despite it all!

  • 07/28/2021 at 10:36 am

    I’m glad you’re staying with your process, and that you let your process grow and change with time and experience. None of it is easy, of course (and damn it!). I hear you on not giving AF about the elimination diet when you are in the fresh churning of new grief. Getting back to it makes sense, too.

    My brother (who is also my housemate) left a toxic work environment 2 weeks ago. It’s been such a relief! This past weekend, he decided to send out some applications, and within less 16 hours, he had arranged his first job interview (set for this morning). The potential employer is excited to meet him.

    I am closer to comfort in my new wheelchair and new wheelchair van. There are some AWESOME features that make it exciting to go. So far, I have been able to take some short road trips. When I feel a bit stronger, I want to make some of those trips on my own. For now, I am glad to have the company of one of my sisters.

    We are planning our first family gathering–a 50th birthday party set for 3-1/2 weeks from now. We’re all excited to get together. There’s a big hope that we can get back to our typical family celebrations starting in September.

    Please keep doing your own work and sharing with us. I like to know how you are, and what you’re thinking about.


    • 07/28/2021 at 12:50 pm

      I’m so glad you’re getting situated with your new mobility aids! That’s awesome! I hope that you can get back with your family soon. 🙂


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