So, I’m in full planning mode for next year. I’ve been asked how far in advance I plan releases and writing schedules. For me–I rough plan for two years ahead, and then fine tune as I go along. So I’m in fine-tuning/reassessing my releases for next year and making decisions. When you’re a career author, indie or not, you can’t just write anything you want without regards to sales and whether your career can support your family/self/whatever habits you have.

That’s one thing that people don’t seem to understand at times–I may not be able to write more in a series they love, and why is that? Sales don’t warrant it. Sales aren’t enough to support my family. I know it’s hard to think that your fave series may be highly unpopular, but honestly, I’ve had a few that were. The vocal minority loves them. I loved writing them. But the vast majority? Did not love them.

I’m speaking in particular of the Bewitching Bedlam Series and the Indigo Court Series. Fury Rising wasn’t too hot either, in the sales department. Wild Hunt has been popular–and I’m grateful for that, and Moonshadow Bay seems popular. Whisper Hollow? Better than Fury but not nearly as popular as the Wild Hunt Series. You have to add up your sales, deduct the expenses, and then see what shakes out in the long term. Because it’s a long-term game.

So yes, I’m in a flurry of planning. ALSO…I’m thrilled to say that Harvest Web has been writing SO quickly and SO well…I’m almost afraid to say that, because don’t want to jinx it.

Anyway, I’m off to work. Been putting in some 12 hour days thanks to writing, planning, admin, getting ready for the new release next week, and a class I’ve been taking.


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Planners & Planning

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