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I’ve been in an isolated space for the past couple months, by choice, and right now I’m grateful. As I’ve said in some of my vlogs as of late, from last July on, life was difficult. A lot happened, a lot of loss, a lot of irritation and feeling pushed into places I really didn’t want to be and not setting proper boundaries, a lot of disappointment. So, in the past couple months, I decided to just pull inward, focus on myself, my immediate family (Sam and the cats), and my health and career.

Through doing so, I’ve realized that I needed this. I have stopped listening to every other voice who has an opinion of what I should be doing/how I should do it–except for my coach, who has really helped me navigate the past year without having a total breakdown. I’ve stopped looking outside for answers to questions I’ve had and started reformulating my own answers. I’ve started working more formal magick again instead of just glancing over an aspect to life that’s incredibly important to me. I’ve started creating stronger boundaries with people who I was lax with before. I’m in the process of letting go of some things that I know aren’t in my best interests. And I’m trying to not only face my disappointments, but consciously looking at how to fix them.

I’ve given myself permission to stop doing things I don’t like–I’m not posting on TikTok mostly because I really don’t like TikTok, I’m letting myself disappoint others by focusing on what’s best for me, and basically I’ve given myself permission to be self-focused. And everything–all of this–is what I need to recover from the past year. Sometimes, you have to draw inward and listen to your own truth to avoid walking somebody else’s path.

I’m looking at Litha–the Summer Solstice–as being a transition point, and I’m gearing up for it. I want–at the best–to create the year ahead to be one of my best years yet, and–at the least–better than last year.

So that’s where I am. How are you, peeps? What are you doing for yourself?

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Wednesday Wanderings: Solitude
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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings: Solitude

  • 06/15/2022 at 7:17 pm

    We all need to try not to do everything. And not listen to people that expect us to do it. I’m mentoring a person who will take my volunteer position in Retired Teachers. Can’t wait as I was only supposed to serve for 6 years and I felt I had to continue for 4 more since no one wanted the job.

    I make sure that I have time each day to spend with my 3 kittens. They’re 4 months old now and, like children, are changing everyday.

  • 06/15/2022 at 1:58 pm

    I can’t love this enough! Everyone needs to have good boundaries. But especially those of us that are chronically ill (I also have MCAS among a few other things). It’s definitely ok to be focused on yourself sometimes.

  • 06/15/2022 at 12:46 pm

    Sometimes you just need to refocus and reset your boundaries. Glad you have been able to do it. I am trying to get my husband’s grandmother and her sister into a nursing home so we can live in the same place and do the same. Reading your books is great for turning my brain away from the stress of that task, so thank you so much for that. Blessed Litha!

  • 06/15/2022 at 12:13 pm

    I found a new stone shop that felt clean when I walked into it! I bought a few stones that are new to me, and I’m seeing how they effect me. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any stone work and I’m just inching my way back into it.


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