So, some fucknut on TikTok decided to encourage people to return e-books to Amazon that they had already bought and read so they don’t have to pay for books and now a bunch of my author friends are being so bombarded by returns they aren’t making the money they need to live on because those royalties? Get returned to Amazon when you return a book, out of the author’s account. That’s the way it works.

And before you bitch about Amazon taking money away from authors, well, that’s the way it works. What I wish is that they would no longer accept e-book returns at all. But as to fault? The person who steals the book.

NEWSFLASH: Writing is a career for many of us and no, you don’t get free books just because you have no problem being labeled a thief. Which is what you are if you do that. I really hope that nobody like that wants to read my books. You don’t love an author if you do that to them. You don’t love their work. Stealing from artists basically says you disrespect them and you disrespect their work. Fuck, this pisses me off. Closing comments because if any goddamn idiot out there tries to stand up for thieves like this, I’mma not going to be nice. And frankly: you can’t afford something? You don’t just take it. Join KU or go to the library. I did when I couldn’t afford to buy books.

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