So, we’re having a heatwave. It’s horrendous. We’re having a week of 90+ degree days. Now for some places that’s not unusual, but here it’s dangerous. Our region isn’t geared for it. I know I’ve got a perpetual headache and that’s WITH UF reflective film on my office windows and the fact that we have house-wide AC. But we’re part of only 44% in the area who actually do have AC. And the environment here does not thrive in heat.

Last night I woke up in a reaction that was leading into a migraine. It was not an easy night. And it’s primarily the heat that still seeps into the house even though we have great insulation and again–AC. And the light itself that glares through the windows can trigger reactions. So this hasn’t been fun. The yard’s sad. The flowers are wilting. And I can’t get out there to water it because…well…reactions if I’m out in the heat or brilliant light for more than a couple minutes.

It’s supposed to break Monday, so crossing fingers–two more days of this and then back to temperatures that are still a bit too hot for me but not at all as bad as what we’re in right now. I’m SO looking forward to Autumn. And Monday, btw, is Lughnasadh!

Oh, and I rewatched Downton Abbey the past couple weeks. I love that show and reinforced how much I didn’t like Lady Mary.

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Friday Thoughts: Heat Wave
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One thought on “Friday Thoughts: Heat Wave

  • 07/30/2022 at 8:59 am

    I know you are suffering….luckily for me, I like heat…so although it is 90-105 outside, inside I have fans and AC set on 85. I save energy that way. And when I step back in from outside, it feels REALLY cool…for a while. You having AC when it normally is not needed reminded me of my grandfather who was (with his wife) a snowbird…Lived in WV mountains most of year but headed to Florida for winter. He built a house down there with a fireplace! The neighbors thought he was crazy…until they had a real cold winter –down to 50s. Then they were jealous.


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