This is the last weekend I will be in Kindle Unlimited, so this is the last weekend special of this nature. I will definitely have sales and surprises as I go back wide, but this ends the regular “Weekend Specials” I’ve been doing. This special runs during my time zone only. 

This weekend I am offering you A BLUSH WITH DEATH for free!


Originally written under the name of “India Ink”

There’s only one #1… There’s a new makeover maven in town, and she spells big trouble for everyone at Venus Envy. Bebe Wilcox has just unveiled her own boutique, and she won’t stop until her shop has put everyone else out of business. Nothing is out of bounds, from stealing fragrance recipes to computer hacking and sabotaging supplies. But when one of Bebe’s pushy saleswomen ends up dead, the stakes become much more dangerous. Staging a public falling out with her Auntie, Persia gets hired at Bebe’s Boutique and begins snooping for evidence of wrongdoing. But can she find the goods before the killer decides to find her?

Keywords:  Paranormal mysteries, mild romance, MLMs

Heat Level: Very mild romance

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Last Regular Weekend Special
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