So, I’m going to be real with you here.
I went out of KU because it wasn’t doing quite as good as I hoped it would, however…going out of KU did NOT work for me. While I was not as comfortable as I hoped to be with being in KU, my sales when I went back wide tanked–reminding me brutally of why I tried KU in the first place. Sales on Nook, KOBO, Apple, and Googleplay all together aren’t coming near what my Amazon sales and KU page reads were.
SO…since I was at least making enough to pay bills there, I’m going back into KU. I know that the economy is rough on all of us, so I am going to ask that my KU readers who want to read my books, please do! Last time I was in six months before deciding to try wide again. This time, I expect to give it a full year before reassessing.
A note about how KU works for non-KU readers: Kindle Unlimited is a subscription program that allows you to read a considerable amount of books per month for a monthly subscription fee. You can still buy the books off Amazon (kindle e-books or my print copies), but if you read through KU, you can add them to your KU ‘bookshelf’…once you read through the books I get paid for each page you read. The combination of book sales off Amazon and of KU pages makes up my income. And yes, if you have KU but you also buy my books, it would help me greatly if you read them first in KU, then buy them!
Like I did before, I will be putting ALL new books wide so you can preorder them, and then 3 days after release, I will be taking them into KU. So you’ll have the entire preorder time, plus three days after release to get them for Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Googleplay. You’ll still be able to read all my new books that way if you use an e-reader other than Kindle.
I will be removing books for sale off the other vendors starting the 21st and taking them back into KU starting the 23rd. This will include ALL books that are currently released except for Whisper Hollow (I can’t take that series into KU because of rights issues in the UK), and my indie Otherworld Books. Those will all stay wide.
To answer questions I got before:
1. Yes, you can still buy the books in e-format on Amazon for Kindle (you can get a kindle app free–I love it, tbh. That’s what I use on my tablets, computer, and phone, though I do have a Kindle Paperwhite which I like).
2. Yes, you will still be able to buy the print versions off of Amazon.
Even better news, I’ll be able to offer my weekend special again–I’ll probably start doing that every two weeks. Which means you’ll have two days to download a free book every other week! That’s a happy side effect of my going back in KU.
So, that’s where I’m at.
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One thought on “GOING BACK IN KU (LONG POST)

  • 03/16/2023 at 3:11 am

    I’m glad you’re going back to KU. I really enjoy all your books/series but can’t afford to buy them all. With KU subscription, I’m able to read, read, read! Thank you for all the great stories!!!!


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