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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time over on my Patreon because…well…the support there helps a great deal and I want to make sure they get their promised perks.

Speaking of Patreon, I’ve added in two extra perks starting in September–one for the $5 tier and above, and one for the $10 tier and above. Once per month, people on the $5 tier and above will get a full year’s early access to a bonus scene I wrote specifically for Patreon, before anybody else gets to see it. Once every two months, people on my $10 tier and above will receive a full year’s early access to six digital art cards per year (one every two months) from some of my series (I had some Moonshadow Bay cards made!), before they go to my newsletter and then to my Bonus Content Library (which you can access by being a newsletter subscriber–I put links in each newsletter).

I will also be writing more bonus content for the Bonus Content Library as time goes on. So my focus will be–besides my work–focusing on my Patreon, and my newsletter.

When I release a new book, I will also be leaving it out on the other vendors a bit longer before taking it into KU to give everybody who wants to buy it a better chance. For one thing, KU’s author payouts are diminishing–they suck, to be honest–but I do know some readers can only afford KU. I’m really in a quandary at this point. I may start cycling series in and out of KU–taking them wide for a period, then back into KU, then wide again. I don’t know, but KU is not that supportive of authors. However, I have also discovered that piracy of my work goes up when I go out of KU.

So, a lot to think about. As always, thanks to my readers who do their best to support my work–I appreciate it. It’s rough for everybody at this time.

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