So, it’s been awhile since I really did a thorough update, peeps. I have done some on my Patreon, and my newsletter, but not across the board. So here goes.

For those who don’t know, long story short I found a new doctor and turns out, well, my asthma went from moderate to uncontrolled and severe. I have been in an oxygen deficit for a long time. Chances are, over a year. And it’s been exacerbating my MCAS, which in turn has been exacerbating my asthma. Woohoo, right?

That’s been impacting my energy, my focus, and the past few months it’s just been rough. I am being treated and am on three new medications which are definitely helping, but I am going to have to take it slowly. I probably should have been in the hospital the last couple weeks before seeing my new doctor. She was surprised that I was still on my feet.

Add to that, sales have been down and KU is no longer working for me. Going wide is scary because it’s tough there too, but I can’t depend on KU for a viable income now. If I wrote steamy romance, I would probably stay in KU. I really do wish that I could write more romance (and I’m actually trying) because it’s a much more lucrative market.

So it’s been a rough couple of years emotionally and physically and, with publishing of all kinds hit hard, it’s not been all that comfortable financially. I’m just digging in, trying to find a way to expand my audience, and trying to build my health up again. Don’t mind me today. I’m just a little down today but then again, I have been exhausted for quite awhile and am just starting to pull out of it.

In other things, the cats are fine, Sam is doing well, and life continues.


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Life Update
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One thought on “Life Update

  • 11/19/2023 at 5:54 pm

    I am 64, I was diagnosed in 1994 that I have had Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Since birth, I was a preemie, no fingernails, toenails , eyebrows, eyelashes or hair of any kind. I was 4lbs 14 oz. The day I came home from the second sleep study determining what level my CPAP was to be set at, was the first time in my life I felt energetic. felt truly Alive, I still suffer from exhaustion. I understand. Take care of yourself. May God or Goddess you believe in bless and keep you. bring you health and joy.


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