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Greetings all, meet Michael Roar. Let’s just say he’s not the brightest light-bulb at the lamp store. And, we meet a few of his associates.

Sorry it took so long to make. I had to do some work for my wife, and that takes precedence. I’m done with her work, and back to the comic. I’m also sorry I didn’t perform any shading. However, the joke is straight forward. I worked on a new format for drawing Michael, Robert, and Becky. I want to stick with Cindy’s format. I’m hoping to improve my ability to draw, which will be reflected in future comics.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Comic Storylines

Introducing the comic

Comic Transcripts

First Panel, an anthropomorphic lion Michael Roar is standing in front of a wall in front of a window with a view to the outside. He is reading a Script with a bored expression. He says nothing. The Ubiquitous Dialog says “Now, Michael.”
Second Panel, Michael is still reading the script while scratching himself, same bored expression. The Ubiquitous Dialog says “Michael? Michael?”
Third Panel, Michael looks up with a surprised expression. He says “Now?” The Ubiquitous Dialog says “Sigh, yes, now.”
Fourth Panel, Michael faces the audience and says “Hi, I’m Michael Roar, welcome to Roar.”
Fifth Panel is set farther back. Three people come into the scene from both sides. An anthropomorphic female lamb dressed in a corset and fishnet stockings says “I’m Becky Baah.” An anthropomorphic female cheetah says “I’m Cindy Mewers. An anthropomorphic male doberman wearing dark sunglasses says “I’m Robert Ruffards.” There are three more dialogs at the top from either side that say “I’m Richard Ruffards,”, “I’m Wendy YappyDoodle,” and “I’m Tina Growly.” Michael looks from one side to another with a surprised expression, saying “Hey!”
Sixth Panel is set as before. Cindy faces off-screen. Robert Faces Michael. There is a bunch of “Yap, Yap, Yap” in the air. Michael faces forward with an offended expression, saying nothing.

Roar - Finally, we meet Michael Roar… and others. Transcript
Finally, we meet Michael Roar… and others. transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSamwise Galenorn in

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Finally, we meet Michael Roar… and others.

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