Finally, we meet Michael Roar… and others.

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Greetings all, meet Michael Roar. Let’s just say he’s not the brightest light-bulb at the lamp store. And, we meet a few of his associates. Sorry it took so long to make. I had to do some work for my

And now we know why the comic is called Roar.

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Well, Michael shows his shtick. In case you didn’t get it, the last names of the characters relate to the sounds the animal makes. I have a few characters who don’t fit that mold, but… eh, whatever. It’s my comic.

And we’re done introducing the comic!

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Well, I finally finished introducing the comic, next is to… introduce the individual characters. The story will start soon, I promise. I still can’t really draw an anthro-sheep woman, if someone could help me, I’d appreciate it. Well, Michael’s comment

Michael and Cindy kiss

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Although Cindy Mewers appeared at the beginning of the comic, she enters the comic now. I’ll formally introduce her next comic. Golly gee, I wonder what they mean by Stress Relief in the Bedroom? And in case you are wondering,

Introducing Cindy Mewers

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Even though we saw Cindy Mewers at the beginning of the comic, we formally introduce her now. And no, this is NOT a stupid comic! Gee! Let me know what you think.

Michael and Cindy spend some quality time together

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Sorry for last week’s Wubble. My Clip Studio Paint program updated, and I lost my configurations. I didn’t realize how dependent I was to the specific settings. I saved my configurations, hopefully I learned my lesson. Oh yeah, Michael and

I had to wait outside, grumble

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Well, we all know what happens here. Yeah, ROAR is Michael’s shtick, thus the name of the comic. Let me know what you think.

Michael makes Cupcakes for Cindy

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And after they spend some quality time together (which I had to wait outside… sigh again…), they spend some more time together in the kitchen. I guess lions and cheetahs like cupcakes. And regarding Becky, I’m referring to this comic:

The WRONG cupcakes

Roar 00000 00007 00007

And the moral of this comic is… Waaiid-a-minute, Michael is part bear! Wow! Wowie! Any-hoo… (Where was I? Oh yeah, the moral of this comic…) Cindy does not like carrots, and people shouldn’t be talked into eating something they don’t

Way Back in High School

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Yeah, Michael and Cindy remissness about high school. Not the way they remembered it, but the way it really was. Also, they loved their cookies. Let me know what you think.