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Well, I finally finished introducing the comic, next is to… introduce the individual characters. The story will start soon, I promise.

I still can’t really draw an anthro-sheep woman, if someone could help me, I’d appreciate it.

Well, Michael’s comment about carnivorous mammals will come back to haunt this comic. Muahahahahaha… (rub hands together all evily)

Let me know what you think.

Comic Storylines

Introducing the comic

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Michael and Cindy are waving to each other. Cindy says “Michael? I’ve got to head home now. I’ve got an acting gig to prepare for. Michael says “All right, I’ll call you later.” Robert is next to Michael, he says “Well, I guess we had to do that joke.”
Panel two, there is dialog from offscreen that says “I hope it goes well, Cindy.” The next dialog says “It should, and thanks again for the job, Becky.” Michael faces Robert and says “What are you talking about? That was comic comedy gold!” From offscreen Robert says “Whatever, I’ll talk to you later.”
Panel three, Becky is at the edge of the scene looking at Michael with eyes wide open. Michael faces away from Becky, is walking the other direction and says to the audience “Oh yes, before I forget, this comic will feature carnivorous mammals only.”
Panel four, Becky is standing in the center of the scene with arms folded, looking offended. She says “That’s bad”, with “Bad” sounding like a lamb’s bleat.

Roar - And we’re done introducing the comic! Transcript
And we’re done introducing the comic! transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSammy in

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And we’re done introducing the comic!

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